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Holistic Skin Correction and Digestive Wellness

The body communicates with us through our emotions, digestive issues, skin problems, interrupting our sleep, and other health conditions. Rather than zoning in on those symptoms, I’ll help you understand what the body is trying to tell you. Analyzing the body’s clues is critical to getting to the real problem.

To find the reason your body or skin is manifesting symptoms, we must first look at everything in your bubble that made you become who you are today. We’ll evaluate your diet, water intake, digestive health, emotional health, sleep patterns, stress levels, coping mechanisms, lifestyle, environment, and health history. Together, we’ll reach a solution that fits into your lifestyle, so the changes are sustainable.

All symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance. Your body is responding PROPERLY, given the conditions you have been providing. Change the conditions, change the outcome. Always remember, anything forced will not last. Your body is in control of the timing.

Experience the journey to flawless skin utilizing a healthy, holistic approach

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Are you struggling with a stubborn skin condition or digestive issue that won’t go away?

Your body and skin are one unit. Everything works together. When there is an imbalance in your body, it communicates with symptoms, illness, and skin conditions.Your body is responding perfectly in relation to the way you’re telling it to look, act, and feel by the way you feed your body, mind, and spirit.

Want real and lasting results? Then you can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

To look and feel your best, you must understand the clues your body always provides,

It’s like having a secret language…and luckily, I know how to translate what it’s saying.

I’ll teach you how to make simple lifestyle tweaks to balance your body. Yep, even those conditions that you’re told won’t go away such as Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis.

Everything is fixable when you understand how the body works and why it does what it does.

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If we nurture the body, by giving it what it lacks, amazing changes can take place.

Let’s work with the body, rather than continue fighting it.

There is no cookie cutter or one size fits all method of restoring health or healthy skin.

Traditional Esthetics has 5 skin types - Chinese Medicine has 120 skin types

Western Medicine has 4 body types – Chinese Medicine has 120 body types

For almost 2 decades, I was a Physio Therapist and owner of a successful Chiropractic clinic.

I always knew the body could heal itself, but still felt there was more to learn. I invested more than 2 decades in allopathic (conventional medicine and traditional esthetics) education prior to finding my calling in Daoist Chinese medicine.

Through the years I’ve had the honor of working privately with several Chinese Masters who gifted me with the privilege of carrying forward and sharing their sacred traditions of this Elite Art of Healing.

There are many ancient Chinese secrets that only 2 people on this planet know, me and my gracious Master who has entrusted me with the invaluable information.

These life-changing experiences have positively impacted my personal life, health, and catapulted my practice to places I never expected.

Through the years I wasted money on many worthless classes taught by self-proclaimed experts. It was then that I realized those who can’t do, teach. My assumption as to why there is so much misinformation floating around out there. This became my motivation for creating Holistic Dermal Professional LLC, my Daoist Chinese medicine school where I educate wellness-focused Estheticians and Chiropractic Physicians.

My current practice, MV Skin Consulting and Digestive Wellness is in McKinney Texas. I love taking the hard cases that nobody else can seem to help. Everything is fixable when you truly understand what the body is saying.

Coaching my clients to take back their health with easy lifestyle tweaks, has allowed me to witness countless miracles ranging from helping suicidal acne clients heal to insecure women realizing it’s truly possible to reverse the signs of aging without products, going under the knife or needle to infertile couples becoming new parents.

Holistic Skin Correction and Digestive Wellness

Age Reversal Hyperpigmentation Melasma
Eczema Psoriasis Rosacea Acne Digestive Wellness

Chinese Medicine principles and techniques to restore function, WITHOUT the use of detox programs, colon cleanses or supplements.

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Raving Fans

Testimonials are a great way to express how happy, excited,
wonderful, and amazing your experience was with us.

  • Working with Michelle Valeri completely changed my life. Michelle was able to re-set my body and help me choose the right foods that have helped me feel good and stabilize my moods. Before, I would feel good one minute then sick the next. This went on for years in spite of my seeing multiple different types of medical care specialists. Today, I'm free from that frustrating yo-yo cycle. I'm so grateful to Michelle for giving me the tools needed to help me relax, handle stress better, and enjoy life!
  • Don’t know what you did to me today, but damn it felt good and worked wonders…I came home crawled in bed and slept for two hours…good sound sleep for a change.
    Brenda D.
  • My skin feels and looks better.  I can really tell a difference after you work your magic.  Also wanted to tell you I lost 2lbs after my treatment yesterday.  I have a problem retaining water. I weigh myself every day this is how I know.
    A. Campbell
  • Always a wonderful experience.  As usual, the treatment I received made me feel wonderful and Michelle’s service is top notch.  I feel so pampered and relaxed for hours afterwards.
    Barbara Stewart
  • I had a great experience with my first facial! Thanks to Michelle for getting me on the right path for healthy skin care!
    Jenny M.
  • Is it possible to feel a difference already? It already feels more hydrated and softer after my first treatment?!
    P. Davis
  • I was desperate to find out why my arms looked so bad from sun damage.  I was embarrassed and was covering my arms with makeup.  After consulting with a local Dermatologist and not getting results, I decided to try a holistic approach.  I am very active with outdoor activities and needed something that wouldn’t keep me out of the sun.  I was very happy Michelle could help me.  She solved my problem.  I am more confident and not embarrassed anymore.  I am a very happy person!
    Desiraee Biggs
  • Thank you for the amazing facial, you truly have blessed hands!
    N. Waynick
  • Love, love, love those facials! You are a Godsend and a blessing to me regarding my skin because I stressed over my skin and aging so much.
    K. Slinger
  • YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!!  I can’t believe how much better I feel!  Thank you very, very much
    Susie L.
  • Awesome customer service! After my facials, my skin is hydrated and feels amazing!  She cured my headache yesterday too as an extra. I would recommend Michelle to anyone!
    Ginny Burns
  • Awesome! My skin looks smoother and brighter!
  • I loved my time there!!  It was so very relaxing and my face feels so good now!  I will be back and telling everyone they need to go as well!
    M. Green
  • I worked with Michelle for years, and she has an excellent knowledge of how to get the best out of your skin.  She has been in this industry a long time and has a true passion for what she does.  I love her facials, they made my skin amazingly smooth!  Thank you, Michelle!
    Jennifer Larsen
  • I will be 52 this year with very fair skin, always joking that I can burn under a shade tree. I was also a lifeguard for 7 years, burning to some degree every single day. When I was 45, I really started noticing lines around my eyes and mouth, deep wrinkles not just fine lines. One of the wrinkles near my mouth was so deep I would catch it with my finger nail. Michelle designed a skin routine that not only worked, but it worked with my crazy busy life, and while going through chemotherapy. Most of the time people think I am 35 and are shocked to learn my real age! If you are someone that uses filters on your pictures, talk to Michelle!. She has a great way of not only stopping the aging process but reversing it too. I can no longer get my finger nail in the wrinkle! I feel so much more confident about my appearance than I have in years!!
    Rebecca Feltz

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