ABOUT – MV Skin Consulting

Michelle Valeri is the owner of MV Skin Consulting, a Holistic Skin Correction & Wellness Consulting Studio, located in McKinney, Texas. She is a licensed Esthetician, a skin expert in Eastern philosophy, and a Chinese Medicine Wellness Consultant.

She has elite training and proficient knowledge of Eastern Philosophical Strategies to bring your body back to balance so it will harmonize and continue to give you the healthy skin correction and wellness that you desire.

In addition to having 25+ years of natural healing and product development experience, she has trained privately with multiple Chinese Medicine Masters through apprenticeship style teaching methods, the original way Chinese Medicine Doctors and Practitioners were taught for thousands of years.

Michelle is the only person in Texas trained with these specific techniques and has co-founded Holistic Dermal Professionals, LLC, an advanced post-graduate school designed to elevate the education for licensed Estheticians with Holistic Skin Correction and Wellness techniques.
You’ve tried the latest and the greatest products, and quickly realize that you’ve wasted your money yet again. It’s hard enough with all the product choices, but then who do you believe? It seems no one agrees on anything in the world of skin and health.
It is overwhelming with so many options and differing opinions. Everyone claims to have and be the best, so how do you decide which is best for you?


When given the proper conditions, our bodies have the innate intelligence to heal themselves.

The secret is to balance the body and skin with what it lacks.

First, we must understand that all symptoms are the body’s way of communicating where those imbalances lie. Whether lines and wrinkles, acne, digestive issues, or an excess of emotions, these are all imbalances in the body.

Next, we must know how to decipher this communication. This is key to knowing how to reverse it.