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Adult Acne

Skin care companies and many practitioners treat acne as an infection or an overproduction of oil. Of course, these two things can come into play, but acne is actually the result of toxins.

The skin is a detox organ (our largest organ) and when the body can’t get rid of all the toxins by way of sweat, bowel, and urination, it shows up on the skin.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising, when using products that are designed to treat an infection that isn’t there, or is stripping away oil that should be there, we can now understand why many acne clients don’t see the results they hoped to achieve.

Using the wrong products for your skin can keep acne from healing and can often make it worse.

Here are the facts...

  • Not all acne is the same
  • Acne is a symptom that something is out of balance
  • Treatments must be specific to YOUR kind of acne
  • Picking and squeezing your zits will make things worse… So stop!
  • Acne cannot be corrected with one or two facials

What to expect...

  • We’ll talk about what you’ve tried and I’ll explain why it didn’t work
  • I’ll explain everything before we start… no surprises so you can relax
  • Your facial treatment will feel good
  • You will leave with the confidence that your recommended home care will be quick, simple, and exactly what your skin needs to finally heal.

Acne Medi-Facial

The Acne Medi-Facial is customized to give your skin the nutrition it lacks, so it can find its natural balance. Once your skin is balanced, your body can start to heal your acne and acne scars. Ancient Chinese massage techniques and acupressure on the face, head, and neck to make this a truly relaxing experience.


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No Inflammation
No Extractions
No Redness
No Sun Sensitivity
No Peeling
No Pain





My daughter started having acne problems at the age of 12. For six years, we went to so many different Dermatologists and used many different acne products, topical creams, and oral medications. You name it, she tried it.

During the stage when she was very desperate her doctor wanted her to try Accutane. She stayed on this medicine for two months until she started showing signs of bone weakness and severe mood swings. At that time, we decided that instead of putting bad chemicals in her body and on her skin we were going to find a more holistic approach, and that is when we found Michelle.

She was the answer to our prayers. Her professionalism, expertise, honesty, and sincerity to my daughter’s personal needs were noticed from the very first appointment. Her treatment plan was approximately 3 months, but after the first month, I noticed changes in my daughter’s breakouts, skin tone, and the scars diminishing.

My daughter is now in the maintenance stage and her skin is beautiful! Breakouts are rare but heal very quickly now and her scarring is gone. I cannot tell you how wonderful this program is. I would highly recommend it to anyone with any issues or problems.

It is so nice to know that my daughter is using only natural products on her skin and zero harmful chemicals!

Thanks Michelle!
– Nancy Huddleston

Some Before and After Acne Treatment Pictures

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