FAQ – MV Skin Consulting


Questions & Answers

We hope to answer some of our most common questions from clients but it is hard to cover anything. If you have a particular question that isn't answered here, click the 'AskMichelle' button below

1Did you know?
The skin is the largest organ of the body, one we cannot live without. We tend to take the skin for granted, but it deserves to be treated with the same respect as any other organ in the body. It should be fed high-quality skin care products.
2Do products really matter?
Just like the body, if the skin is not given quality nutrients (skin care) on a regular basis, the skin’s metabolism slows down and its natural immunity can be compromised. The skin is an organ, so why would we expect it to react differently than any other organ if mistreated?
3Why have a facial?
Facials hydrate and soften the skin, improve elasticity and collagen production. They improve texture, improve skin tone, brighten the skin, and increase circulation. They enhance your skin care goals, relax and de-stress the body.
4How often should I have a facial?
It depends on your skin health and skin care goals. Once every 4-6 weeks is a good schedule if you are wanting to maintain results; more often if you’re wanting to correct any issues. Using the proper home care and having regularly scheduled facials can slow down the aging process and keep your skin in great balance.
5How often should I have a facial if I want to turn back the clock?
The typical age reversal facial protocol is every 2-3 weeks. An in-depth consultation is necessary to ensure a more accurate recommendation.
6How often does a person with acne need a facial?
There are several triggers for acne and not all acne can be treated the same. My skin correction programs are a great option for someone suffering with acne.
7Do I have to switch my current products?
If you are on one of my corrective programs you will need to follow my product recommendations, which are included in the program. My products are professional grade and very concentrated. You will achieve higher than stellar results when using the PROPER home care in combination with your customized professional treatments.
8Do you offer chemical peels or microdermabrasion?
No!! I don’t offer any products or treatments that can cause inflammation. When a wound or trauma is created on the skin, it rarely results in 100% repair and it frequently results in DNA damage. Because of the inflammation, you may see a temporary decrease in lines and wrinkles, but once the inflammation goes down, chances are, they will reappear.
9Should my skin care products cause redness/burning/flaking?
NO!! This is an indication that something is not right. Skin care should not hurt or be uncomfortable in any way!
10Is it okay to pop my zits?
NO!! You can cause damage, inflammation, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red scars). Also, if there is an infection present, it can cause the infection to spread. NO PICKING, POPPING, OR SQUEEZING!!!!
11Will you do extractions (professional term for popping zits)?
If any material appears to make its way to the surface and needs to be “cleaned”, but only if it will not cause any discomfort or inflammation.
12Does a facial hurt?
No, your facial will feel great and will be incredibly relaxing. Most clients fall asleep during their facials.
13Is there really a difference between professional products and products that can be purchased in stores or other places?

Yes!! Unfortunately, skin care companies are not well regulated. They can put just about anything on their labels such as “does not clog the pores” or “non-comedogenic”, but we cannot always trust these claims.

When produced in mass quantities, the products must have a long shelf life and the quality of the raw materials is often not the best. As much as 95% of all skin care does not penetrate the skin, resulting in minimal to no added benefits to the skin.

Professional grade products use better quality ingredients and should have a delivery system to ensure proper penetration. Not all products are created equal.

With over 20 years in the skin care industry, I can honestly say my current product line is the best I’ve ever used.

14Did you know?
Most anti-aging products and procedures can speed up the aging process. Using the wrong products for your skin can also speed up the aging process. We are often told to exfoliate more as we get older; this can also increase the rate that your skin ages if it causes the skin to thin, dehydrate, and/or become sun sensitive.
15Why is my acne not getting better (or is getting worse) even though I’m using acne products?
Sadly, many acne products are too harsh and actually contain pore clogging ingredients! Also, if the products are not right for your skin, it can create more of an out of balance and more breakouts.
16I have oily skin, why do I need a moisturizer?
People often confuse oil and hydration, but they are two different things. When your skin is dehydrated (from not drinking enough water or due to a lack of good nutrition being applied to the skin), your body tries to compensate by producing more oil. When you use the PROPER moisturizer, it’s like giving your skin a well-deserved drink of water. As your skin absorbs the nutrients from your moisturizer, it will balance your oil production and self-correct.
17Can someone with cancer get a facial?

Oncology patients can develop new skin issues , as a result of the disease and treatments. Medications, radiation, and chemotherapy can deplete the skin of essential nutrients, leaving it dry, uncomfortable, and irritated. Many products and treatments can have a negative effect when combined with these medications.

Fortunately, some of my products were formulated for oncology patients! I’ve been trained extensively to ensure my techniques and products are safe and will not cause harm. I can treat you at any point in your journey back to health.