Healthy Fertility Solutions – MV Skin Consulting

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, when a couple struggles with the inability to conceive or has a history of miscarriages, this is a communication from the body that one or both of you are not healthy enough (at the moment) to follow through with a full-term pregnancy. There are many clues from the body that tell us what is out of balance. Restoring function is the primary focus to prepare the body to do what it's designed to do, create. We'll look at everything that makes you who you are including your health history, lifestyle, environment, sleep patterns, digestive health, stress level, food habits, and so much more. Fertility tests are not required.

  1. Are you willing to make dietary changes if needed?
  2. Do you prefer to go the natural route with your health, rather than taking medication?
  3. Do you believe the body has the ability to heal itself?
If you answered YES to these questions let's further discuss your unique imbalances. Please schedule a consultation to determine if a holistic approach resonates with you and your partner.


Ready for a different approach to health?