Rebecca Feltz – MV Skin Consulting

Rebecca Feltz

April 12, 2017

I will be 52 this year with very fair skin, always joking that I can burn under a shade tree. I was also a lifeguard for 7 years, burning to some degree every single day. When I was 45, I really started noticing lines around my eyes and mouth, deep wrinkles not just fine lines. One of the wrinkles near my mouth was so deep I would catch it with my finger nail. Michelle designed a skin routine that not only worked, but it worked with my crazy busy life, and while going through chemotherapy. Most of the time people think I am 35 and are shocked to learn my real age! If you are someone that uses filters on your pictures, talk to Michelle!. She has a great way of not only stopping the aging process but reversing it too. I can no longer get my finger nail in the wrinkle! I feel so much more confident about my appearance than I have in years!!